The main published source of genealogical information is the book Kw'eh Ts'u Haindene, which contains the family trees of the descendants of Chief Kw'eh (Kwah). Chief Kw'eh's descendants are found primarily in Nak'azdli, Tl'azt'en, and Saik'uz. This book can be obtained from the Nak'azdli Treaty Office (250-996-0088).

The most comprehensive source of genealogical information is a database compiled by the Flying Missions Genealogy Project of the Roman Catholic Church. The database is controlled by the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council Archivist, Anne Marie Sam. Access to this database is restricted to researchers with the written permission of one of the bands whose members are included in the database. Further details, application forms, and contact information are available from CSTC.


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