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The Yinka Déné Language Institute is devoted to the preservation and promotion of Yinka Dene language and culture. Our activities include:

News and Announcements

Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park
Fort George Park in Prince George has been renamed Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park. Here is an explanation of the name and how it is pronounced.
Place Name Map
A map of place names is now available. Clicking on a marker brings up a balloon containing the name. The Carrier name may in turn be a link to an entry in one of the web dictionaries. You can find a place by name by using the index at the left. Clicking on a name in the index centers the map on that location and makes the marker bounce.
Lheidli Web Dictionary
An electronic dictionary of Lheidli dialect is now available. This is one of several dictionaries generated from the same databases as underlie the printed dictionaries of these dialects. The electronic dictionaries have numerous advantages and enhancements, including audio files, colour images, extensive cross-referencing, more than twenty indices, regular expression search of both Carrier and English, example sentences with word-by-word glosses, charts explaining the structure of verbs, and links from technical terms to a grammar sketch. These dictionaries may be used on any device provided with a web browser: desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, or smartphone.
Not every entry has the full array of information. In particular, at the moment only a minority have audio files. More are gradually being added. (If you want to check out the multimedia, try entries for animals or birds, which are especially well-endowed.) Needless to say, the dictionary as a whole is a work in progress.
In order to reduce clutter, additional information is provided in many cases by means of tool tips. Hover over an item to see if there is an associated tool tip. For example, if you hover over the button for playing a sound file, it will probably have an associated tool tip telling you who the speaker is.
On entering the dictionary, it is suggested that you begin by clicking the "random entry" button, which will ensure that everything is set up properly, fill the empty screen, and perhaps teach you a new word.
Clicking on the question-mark icon at the upper right opens a manual in a new tab or window. It is recommended that new users at least skim the manual.

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