Technical Reports

The Carrier Syllabics
#1 An explanation of the dulkw'ahke writing system, including the extensions of the Prayerbook version found on gravestones and other materials written by Dakelh people. Available in two versions. In one, the syllabics are transliterated into the Carrier Linguistic Committee writing system. In the other, they are transliterated into the International Phonetic Alphabet. By William J. Poser. 6 pages.

The Status of Documentation for British Columbia Native Languages
#2 A detailed review of the existing documentation (dictionaries, grammars, text, and university-level textbooks) for the native languages of British Columbia. Includes discussion of the uses of documentation and of the extent of on-going research. By William J. Poser. 40 pages.

Web Pages for Studying Language and Culture
#3 A discussion of how to use HTML and web browsers for studying language and culture, especially by creating interactive annotated texts. By William J. Poser. 25 pages.


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