The First Nations Languages of British Columbia

More than thirty languages are spoken by the native people of British Columbia. This site provides information about these languages, much of it in the form of bibliographic information and links to other sites containing more detailed information on particular languages and other relevant topics.

Virtually all of the native languages of British Columbia are endangered: hardly any are spoken by children, and many have very few speakers at all. We therefore provide information on the current status of the languages and of documentation for them, as well as pointers to information on language endangerment and language maintenance and revitalization.

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The First Nations Languages of British Columbia in General

The Individual Languages


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This site is maintained by the Yinka Déné Language Institute (YDLI). Information provided by other sources is credited on the relevant page. The YDLI web site contains information about YDLI and its activities and about the Athabaskan languages with which YDLI deals, especially Dakelh (Carrier).

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