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Documents including Carrier language material are often available in more than one version, each using a different writing system. The file names below encode the writing system. "clc" stands for Carrier Linguistic Committee, the practical writing system in general use today. "ipa" stands for International Phonetic Alphabet. This is the writing system generally used by linguists for technical purposes. (For further information on these writing systems, see the page on Writing Systems.) In most cases we can also produce versions in which the Dakelh language material is written in syllabics or in the Morice Roman system. If a version is not listed in the writing system that you prefer, please contact us. It will probably be possible to provide it.


FileSize (bytes)Modified
The Carrier Syllabics
syllclc.pdf 199,036 2002/04/19
syllipa.pdf 205,240 2002/04/19
Carrier Syllabics Chart
chartclc.pdf 102,716 2002/03/03
chartipa.pdf 105,923 2002/03/03
Medical Carrier (Saik'uz dialect)
MedicalCarrier.pdf 79,803 2010/02/05
Notes on Carrier Writing Systems (print landscape mode)
orchart.pdf 33,561 2002/03/03/
The Status of Documentation for BC Native Languages
docstat.pdf 295,640 2002/03/03
Web Pages for Studying Language and Culture
webpages.pdf 817,079 2001/11/08


Guess Dakelh words.
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Unscramble scrambled Dakelh words.
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Find Dakelh words hidden among random letters
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A number of papers by linguist Bill Poser not published by YDLI may be downloaded from his web site (

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