Conversational Carrier

Mary John, Sr.

2Soo 'int'oh?How are you (one person)?
3Tube soo 'ust'oh.I am fine.
4Doocha si nanyoost'en.See you (one person) again.
5Nts'oh 'uhunet'oh?What time is it?
6'Awet dzetniz.It is noon.
7Hookwa'ninẕun de s̲inda.Sit down (one person) if you want to.
8Hookwa'nahẕun de s̲ahke.Sit down (2 people) if you want to.
9Hookwa'nahẕun de delhat̲s̲'i.Sit down (three or more people) if you want to.
10Snachailya.Thank you (1 thanking 1).
11Musi.Thank you.
12Ludi ka'ninẕun ih?Do you want tea? (one person)
13Ludi ka'nahẕun ih?Do you want tea? (two or more people)
14Lagafi ka'ninẕun ih?Do you want some coffee? (one person)
15Lilet ka'ninẕun ih?Do you want some milk? (two or more people)
16Mai too ka'nahẕun ih?Do you want some juice? (two or more people)
17Ludi soogah bulh ka'nahẕun ih?Do you (two or more people) want tea with sugar?
18Ndi lagafi soogah 'ink'ez lilet bulh ka'nusẕun.I'll have coffee with cream and sugar.
19A, lagafi ka'nusẕun.Yes, I'll have coffee.
20'Uyoocha ih ka'ninẕun?Do you want some more? (one person)
21A, 'uyoocha ka'nusẕun.Yes, I'll have more.
22'Awet za, soo 'usja.No, I've had enough.
23'Awet si natoosja.I will go now.
24'Awet si natot'as.We (two people) are leaving now.
25'Awet si nats'utoolkes.We (three or more people) are leaving now (by car).
26'Awet si naztooduke.We (three or more people are leaving now (by boat).
27Hoonust'i hoozainya.I'm glad you (one person) came.
28Hoonust'i hooah'az.I'm glad you (2 people) came.
29Hoonust'i hoozahdel.I'm glad you (three or more people) came.
30Ts'uhoont'i hoozainya.We are glad you (one person) came
31Ts'uhoont'i hoozah'az.We are glad you (2 people) came.
32Ts'uhoont'i hoozahdel.We are glad you (three or more people) came.
33Doocha sts'unonya.Come visit me again (to 1).
34Doocha nets'unonya.Come visit us (3+ to 1) again.
35Soo 'int'oh ih?Are you (one person) feeling well?
36A, soo 'ust'oh.Yes, I am fine.
37Ndinda ih?Are you (one person) sick?
38A, tube ndusda.Yes, I am very sick.
39N'at 'en dant'oh?How is your wife?
40N'at 'en soont'oh ih?Is your wife well?
41Nkui 'en dant'oh?How is your husband?
42Nkui soont'oh ih?Is your husband well?
43N'at 'ink'ez nyuẕkehne dahint'oh?Is your 1's family well?
44Tsalhts'ul 'en dant'oh?How is the baby?
45Nyuẕkehne dahint'oh?How are your (one person's) children?
46Nohuẕkehne dahint'oh?How are your (two or more people's) children?
47Soo'hint'oh ih?Are they well?
48Di ka'ninẕun?What do you (one person) want?
49Di ka'nahẕun?What do you (2 people) want?
50Di ka'nahẕun?What do you (three or more people) want?
51Tusih.I don't know.
52Dahotni soo ts'ih'un 'aw t'eoonuzusẕun.I don't understand.
53Nek'uyailhduk ih?Do you one person speak our language?
54Nahghunek bodulhu'eh.I am learning your (two or more people's) language.
55Daja dini ih?What did you (one person) say?
56Doocha dini.Say it again (to 1).
57Soo 'a dezinyalh.Come here (one person). Hurry!
58Nduna 'en t'eke sit'i.This is my friend.
59Mbe la t'eke nyit'i?Who is your friend?
60Kw'us̲ lhai.It is cloudy.
61Yat yunawhunde.It is cloudy.
62'Awet yanawheooninde.It is getting cloudy.
63Naootelhtilh ninẕun ih?Do you (one person) think it will rain?
64Chan oonust'i.I like the rain.
65S̲a sbanzoo.I like the sun.
66Nulhughaz.I'm hot.
67Uznilghaz.We (three or more people) are hot.
68'Az whunulwus ih?Is it warm outside?
69'Az whuẕk'uẕ ih?Is it cold outside?
70Natejus ninẕun ih?Do you (one person) think it will snow?
71A, 'awet nawhenijaz.Yes, it is starting to snow.
72Najus̲.It is snowing.
73Nas̲indli ih?Are you cold (one person)?
74Nas̲ahdli ih?Are you cold (two or more people)?
75Nas̲usdli.I'm cold.
76Nas_dli ih?Is he cold?
77Ta'oos̲de.I'm thirsty.
78Nduna ta'oos̲de?Is he thirsty?
79Ta'oonde ih?Are you (one person) thirsty?
80Ta'oohde ih?Are you (two or more people) thirsty?
81Ndaningui ih?Are you (one person) hungry?
82Nts'edeh naztedilh?When do we eat (three or more people)?
83'Awet na'ts'oodai.Let's eat (three or more people).
84'Uyoocha ih ka'ninẕun?Do you want some more food (one person)?
85A, uyoocha kanusẕun.Yes, I'll have some more.
86'Andooh, 'unes̲dai.No, I am full.
87Ndendah ih?Are you (one person) hurt?
88Ndes̲dah ih?Is he hurt?
89Nts'e la hoont'i?Where do you (one person) live?
90Nts'e la whut'i?Where does he live?
91Syoh taba whuẕ'ai.My house is by the shore.
92Dakelh yunk'ut whust'i.I live on the Reserve.
93Nedo yunk'ut whust'i.I live in town.
94Sghadetanyalh ih?Do you (one person) want a ride?
95Sghadete'us ih?Do you (2 people) want a ride?
96Sghadetedulh ih?Do you (three or more people) want a ride?
97Nts'e tenya?Where are you (one person) going (on foot)?
98Nts'e teh'az?Where are you (2 people) going (on foot)?
99Nts'e tehdel?Where are you (three or more people) going (on foot)?
100Nts'e 'utalhkwuz?Where are you (one person) going (by car)?
101Nts'e 'utelhkwuz?Where are you (two or more people) going (by car)?
102Nedo keyoh ts'u tesya.I'm going to town (walking).
103Nedo keyoh ts'u teskez.I'm going to town (by car).
104Vanderhoof ts'u tesya.I'm going to Vanderhoof.
105Ndai la nyoozi?What is your (one person's) name?
106Ndai la boozi?What is his name?
107John sts'utni.My name is John.
108Dakelh nainezkai ootaskulh hookwa'nusẕun.I want to buy some Indian handcrafts.
109Ndai ootankulh ookwaninẕun?What do you (one person) want to buy?
110Kesgwut int'i?Do you (one person) have any moccasins?
111A, 'e'ust'i.Yes, I have some.
112'Andooh 'ezust'ih.No, I don't have any.
113Dalhcho ka'ninẕun?What size do you (one person) want?
114Lhk'udunghi 'ilhcho ka'nusẕun.I want a size 8.
115Danelt̲s̲uk ho'unt'oh?How much do they cost?
116Lanezi dustl'us ho'unt'oh.They cost $10.00.
118A, wuschoot si.Yes, I'll take those.
119Talukw ka'ninẕun ih?Do you (one person) want some fresh salmon?
120A, musi.Yes, thank you.
121'Andooh, lhai ust'i. Snachadindli.No, thank you, I have lots.
122'Ut̲s̲un s̲ugui ka'ninẕun ih?Do you (one person) want some dried meat?
123`Ut̲s̲un s̲ugui ka'nahẕun ih?Do you (two or more people) want some dried meat?
124A, sba nzoo.Yes, it is delicious to me.
125Talukw sugai ka'ninẕun ih?Do you (one person) want some dried salmon?
126Talukw sugai kanahẕun ih?Do you (two or more people) want some dried salmon?
127Lhkw'encho mbanzoo ih?Do you (one person) like sturgeon?
128A, lhkw'encho sbanzoo.Yes, sturgeon is good.
129Mai ka'ninẕun ih?Do you want some fresh berries?
130Mai sugui ka'ninẕun ih?Do you want some dried berries?
131'Andooh, 'unes̲dai.No, I'm full.
132Katant'ilh ts'i tanyailh ih?Are you (one person) going trapping?
133A, katest'ilh.Yes, I'm going trapping.
134Nts'e la nkeyoh?Where is your trap-line?
135Nduk whelhyusk'ut.It is up the Nulki hills.
136Noolhkuih bunk'ut whunat.It is around Nulki Lake.
137Ndai ka'tanilh?What are you (one person) going to set traps for?
138Tsa ka'tesnilh.I will set traps for beaver.
139Telhjoos ka'tesnilh.I will set traps for mink.
140Chunih ka'tesnilh.I will set traps for marten.
141Duni ka'tant'ilh ih?Are you (one person) going to hunt moose?
142Duni ka'teht'ilh ih?Are you (two or more people) going to hunt moose?
143A, duni ka'test'ilh.Yes, I am going to hunt moose.
144'Andit dzen te'tanlelh ih?Are you (one person) going to set a net today?
145'Andit dzen te'tehlelh ih?Are you (two or more people) going to set a net today?
146A, bet ka'nusẕun.Yes, I want some char.
147A, bet ka'ts'uninẕun.Yes, we (three or more people) want some char.
148'Awet 'olulh whuẕdli.It is springtime.
149'Awet shen whenghoh.It is almost summer.
150'Awet dak'et s̲uli.It is autumn.
151'Awet khui s̲uli.Now it is winter.
152Shen sba hoonzoo.I like summer.
153Bunde mai kazdutoodelh.Let's pick berries tomorrow (three or more people).
154Hulhda mai ts'oonanye.We (three or more people) picked berries yesterday.
155Tsulhcho ka'nusẕun.I want some huckleberries.
156Lilet ka'nuhẕun?Do you (two or more people) want milk?

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